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           Delegate Manual

  • Click the button and you will be able to download CUSMUN V's Official Delegate Manual. Here you will find information about the model, its rules and instructions.


  1. General Aspects (economy, government, president, currency, foreign relations, treaties, etc.)
  2. Topics:

- Background Conflict 

- Current situation 

- Country’s position

- Possible Solutions


3. Opening Speeches (90 seconds)

4. References ( ; .gov ; .org)

Due Date: lunes 7 de marzo 2016 (Enviar por correo a cada presidencia).


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The United Nations Model App is the best source to easy access to all the information for the UNM participants. Users may easily access a treasure of resources and documents: search or navigate all the CIA World Factbook, direct access to UN News and surf hundreds of nongovernmental organizations.

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